Nude Year, Nude Me.

I’ve been thinking about releasing this post for quite some time now… and I finally said F#&$ IT. Obvi, because here you are.. Hi!


Soooooooo some of you may know this, others may not, but I’ve been vegetarian for the past 5 years. BONKERS TO THINK ABOUT. The time has truly flown by. In that 5 year span, I’ve learned about myself, other people, the world, and most importantly, the animals!

Lolol no, I’m not transitioning into a food blog! Gah, I’m not even that great of a cook.. Ask my friends! Actually, don’t.

I’ve learned a lot about the impact and the power we have on life and this planet, and it’s actually quite remarkable. It’s empowering to think about the infinite ways we can make a difference and affect this world in a positive way. I mean it’s kind of amazing what can be accomplished. Think about it.. (take a second – ding)


With this being said, I’ve chosen to take my vegetarianism a step further, to go FULL VEGAN. There! I said it… it’s out there. Whew.

BUT I don’t want to limit it to just food. I want it to carry over into my fashion style too! Which means no leather, silk, or wool, just to name a few of the major materials that are obtained from animals. That’s right, not even cashmere!

If you’re wondering, the root of this decision derived from LOVE. Love for me, love for people, love for our planet, love for animals, and really just love for life. So from here forward, I want to only promote and wear animal-free products! ❤




Sonny Beach xx

#ThatBeachTravels: Charleston, SC

Ooooh beaches!

Speaking of, guess where I went last month. *waits for response*

Lol, last month, a group of us surprised our friend for her birthday in Chucktown! 

Processed with VSCO with v5 preset
This is said friend, @thejessicapayne

Do people actually call it Chucktown?? Hmm.. Anyway, we went to Charleston, SC! Although the weekend was dedicated to my friend, it also happened to be July 4th weekend as well, and it was the bees knees and more. Jessica has a post all about our trip as well! Click here to check it out!

This is my first attempt at being a travel blogger, so uh here we go…


As always, packing is exhausting.. For multiple reasons: 1) You have to go through your wardrobe, 2) you have to thinking strategically about what kind of activities you’ll be doing on your trip and what cute versatile pieces you have to bring, & 3) you have to make sure you’re packing right up to the point of overpacking and nothing more, because at the end of the day, who is really going to carry all of these bags??

Travel Bag from Everlane

I’ll share with you a few of the looks I decided to bring along on my adventure.

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

One day we started the morning with caffeine and alcoholic beverages, because there’s really no other way.

The group had mimosas while I settled for a bloody mary. *winkwink* hehe

Processed with VSCO with v5 preset Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

Coffee Shop – Tricera Coffee This coffee shop was right off of King St. It was smaller, but very cute. I like when places have a theme/aesthetic. Let me tell you, they took this one and RAN with it. Haha, I loved it. Also, an Australian boy works there! *swoon* I didn’t get to meet him, but other members from the squad did. #peanutbutterandjealous.

Bloody Mary brought to you by Another Broken Egg Cafe. Not very local; It’s a chain. BUT IT’S DELICIOUS.


We did A LOT of walking


Processed with VSCO with v5 preset Processed with VSCO with l4 preset


And A LOT of exploring


Processed with VSCO with v5 preset Processed with VSCO with v5 preset


And A LOT of picture taking (sorry, group)


Processed with VSCO with s1 preset Processed with VSCO with 5 preset


See, my bestie and I even recreated an old photo.. Haha



Lol thanks, Tara!


Look, more photos


Processed with VSCO with e8 preset Processed with VSCO with l8 preset

Processed with VSCO with v5 preset Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

Processed with VSCO with v5 preset


The best part was that we were able to get together and enjoy each others company ❤

Processed with VSCO with v5 preset

Despite some of the faces in this photo.. hahaha




That Son of a Beach

Red, White, and You

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Hahah beaches, vats up!?! It has been a minute. LIKE AN HOUR ACTUALLY.

You know.. things happen, and priorities can shift a bit, but I’m trying to stay focused! So here I am. 🙂

I thought what better way to get back into the swing of things, other than a 4th of July post for all of my American/America loving beaches; despite its crazy leader. Right?

With it being the FOURTH of July, I’m going to share with you FOUR looks! An assortment of fits to go out in for just about any occasion. You can call them outfits. Lololol. This is where you tell me I’m funny…


For this first look he’s giving you casual cookout vibes with a bit of flash.
Processed with VSCO with v5 preset Processed with VSCO with v5 preset

My linen shirt is perfect for 2 reasons: 1) It’s lightweight, so you’re not sweating your ass off. A plus! 2) It has stripes, so you’re festive. I paired this with my elastic band shorts. You know, so you can eat however much you’d like and not feel too guilty. It moves with you!

Processed with VSCO with v5 preset  Processed with VSCO with v5 preset

A lot of people travel to much warmer areas than what they’re typically used to. Like the beach, perhaps? Yes, that’s an unnecessary plug hehe. There’s this saying: The warmer the weather, the shorter the sleeves. I actually made that up.

Processed with VSCO with v5 preset

Processed with VSCO with v5 preset Processed with VSCO with v5 preset

Here I chose to pair a white tank with red striped shorts AND accessorized with a star-covered, navy bandana! Festive af! This particular bandana is lightweight, so I almost forgot it was tied around my neck, in the near 90 degree weather. This is a cute way to jazz up your outfit.

This look is simple. Want to be casual or cute? How about both! If I’m not dressed up for work, then I’m usually wearing drawstring or elastic band shorts. They’re so easy to work with. I can’t tell you how comfortable they are. You just kinda have to try them for yourself 😉

Processed with VSCO with v5 preset Processed with VSCO with v5 preset

I paired these navy striped shorts with a plain red tee, tucked in, to give it a little life! Just so it wasn’t TOO casual. To keep the festive-ness going, and to not take away from the outfit, I opted for white vans.

Processed with VSCO with v5 preset Processed with VSCO with v5 preset

Did I mention that I like themes? I might as well wrap an American flag around my body at this point.

Processed with VSCO with v5 preset

This red and white striped shirt paired oh so well with my star-covered navy shorts AND star-covered bandana. It’s almost too perfect. The shorts are elastic band as well. If I’m not wearing elastic band, then they’re more than likely drawstring. THEY’RE JUST SO DAMN COMFORTABLE!

Processed with VSCO with v5 preset Processed with VSCO with v5 preset

Noticed I gave you variations of ways to wear your shirt. If needed to dress it up a bit, you can totally tuck it in. But if you wanted to remain casual, just do a half tuck in the front.

Processed with VSCO with v5 preset

For those of you who like a shorter inseam, you can follow my lead and cuff your shorts! It’s a nice touch and adds a little umph to your fit!

So there you are! Four Independence Day looks to get you in the spirit!

Processed with VSCO with v5 preset

A MASSIVE shoutout to my beautiful little sister for dealing with my diva-ish ways and taking all of these photos for me! We had a blast! Love you lots, little bit! xoxo

Beaches, be sure to comment and let me know which look is your favorite, AND let me know your fun plans you have for the fourth!

That Son of a Beach 

Spring Must Haves

GUYSSSS! It has been SOOO long! So much for my new years resolution of posting once a week. I can’t even commit to once a month lol… I’ll do better!


Sooo, Happy Spring! 🙂

A lot of us were hit some bad weather the past few weeks. If you’re anything like me, you’re feening for warmer weather! IT’S A COMING! Be patient 🙂

I’m extremely happy to share this post with you guys, because it’s about my favorite season! Here are a few items you need to incorporate into your wardrobe this Spring!

Let’s start from the top, because that makes sense, right? Yeah, I agree.


What’s more fun than a chambray shirt? A short sleeve chambray shirt. Yes, it’s okay to have both! Haha. I love them because they’re so versatile. And as you may know from previous posts, I’m all for versatility. They can be worn with black or white denim, or if it’s a lighter shade of chambray, it can be worn with dark denim for a fun denim-on-denim play. HOW BOW DAH?!

Also can be paired with fun printed shorts, or chinos/pants. The look and texture of the shirt is so fun, unique, and simple that it can almost be paired with anything to switch up a dull or repetitive look. How fun!



I’m not one to really follow trends.. but this is one I can get behind!

Not much to say here other than it goes with just about anything & I WANT ONE IN EVERY COLOR POSSIBLE. I wear a size medium! 😉 Thnx!

A light-weight one is probably the way to go for this season.



Henleys are the perfect item for that person who wants to say: I might be lazy, but I didn’t opt for a t-shirt cuz that clearly states that I’m lazy. I do want to look laid-back though, so anything with a collar or a button down, would just be a little too much. Yep!

I think of henleys as a more sophisticated tee. Luuuuv them! Perfect for just throwing on when you’re in a rush, but still want to look presentable.




Trying to switch up your pant game, but still stay stylish?! Joggers are in! Again, versatile. We love that! Can be dressed up with your favorite sneaker or slip-on, and when you get home after a long day, they can be lounged in! How To: Style Joggers for a future post? Hm… Stay tuned!



YES! It’s finally starting to get warm enough to wear shorts. My favorite! The traditional zipper & button are totally fine. I dig it. But if you want to really dress to impress AND feel comfortable while doing so, you’ll get you a pair or elastic band/draw string shorts.

Reasons why I have a gazillion pair of these:

  1. I don’t have to wear a belt. (If your shorts have belt loops, you better wear a belt. It doesn’t matter if they’re so snug you can barely breathe. It’ll look tacky without one.)
  2. I can eat as much as I want! And when my stomach expands, so will my shorts hehe.
  3. They are SOO comfortable.
  4. They’re the perfect versatility between going out or lounging in. Can’t beat that!




Store away your snow boots and pull out your slip-ons & sneakers! It’s time to let those ankles breathe!




Something tells me that tortoise is the print to opt for. Your next pair of sunnies need to be this print.

CHECK IT OUT HERE! My Pinterest Board has a variety of styles to choose from! Click here to view them!

A new fad I want to incorporate more into my outfits: bandanas! They’re such a cute and simple addition to any outfit that’ll add the perfect touch to jazz it up! Look out for a future post on how to style bandanas! In the meantime, stock up!




Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with this season! As always, tag me or DM me on Instagram: @thatsonofabeach with any cool finds you come across!

I have a whole collection of Must Haves for the Spring season over on my Pinterest Board! Go check that out as well, and repin some of your favorites!



That Son of a Beach

Murses, Motes, Mutches, Mags, & More.

HIIIIIIII THEEEEEERE BEAAAAACH! What’s up?! Long time no see!

Today we’re discussing all of the mags I own. Get it? Like men’s bags.. haha! Anyway, we have an assortment of mags for every situation. You name it, it’s mentioned here. And if it’s not, then you’re wrong. TRY ME. Lolol, okay proceed.


Processed with VSCO with a5 presetSo I know you guys have seen this one in a lot of my IG Pics! If not, go check them out on my feed 🙂

This clutch aka mutch (men’s clutch) is from Madewell. Madewell is J. Crew’s sister company that tailors to the urban, earthy, laid-back, edgy shoppers. Sadly, there is no men’s shop in Madewell, buuut that hasn’t stopped me. 🙂 They have great items and I really love their vibe. Check them out for yourself, or for a friend!

Back to my mutch hehe. The perfect wallet for basically every situation.  Everything fits in there — My cards, keys, phone, chapstick. Y’know.. The essentials. And I still have a little bit of room for anything else I want to add in there. It’s been the perfect addition to my life. Dramatic much?? Maybe…

Processed with VSCO with e1 presetHere, we have my murse. Lol.. Not really,but it’s funny to call it that. It’s a Messenger Bag! I’ve gotten NUMEROUS compliments on this guy, so I thought why not show it off to all of you. This was gifted to me by some crazy, but spectacular friends from Barnes & Noble! Who would have thought? It’s just the right size for everyday use, with the perfect amount of compartments for my belongings. I use it for work and really everywhere because it fits everything I need and a tad bit more! 🙂 Hm.. Future post idea: What’s In My Bag? Ooo stay tuned for that.  

Another thing I love about this bag, is how customizable it is. See the white speck on the bag? That’s a pin from Pintrill. I’ve kinda fallen in love with them.. a lot. They’re the perfect accessory to totally incorporate your personality in your outfit! Cute gift idea too. 😉

IProcessed with VSCO with e5 presetf you don’t have a good tote in your life, then what are you doing!? Srsly..

In a rush? Throw everything in and go. Going to the beach? Throw everything in and go. Hopping on a flight? Lol, you know last minute packing – like me. Throw everything in and go. Okay, maybe not everything, but most likely those few items you just don’t have room for in your luggage. *Suddenly becomes a travel blogger*

Totes are cute! Just be sure to choose a stylish one. That way when you’re scrambling to throw everything in the bag last minute to get out the door, everyone will think you have it together… on the outside. At least you’ll look the part.

Hashtag: Life Hack

Processed with VSCO with e5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset











I’m not much of a backpack person, but when I must have one, I go with the best of the best! The one on the left is from Everlane, and black one on the right is from Serengetee!

Both are very attractive and appealing, with great detail, so you won’t go wrong with either one, but let me explain the differences. The grey bag from Everlane gives off the stylish, yuppie vibes. Everlane is really keen on educating the customer where the product is coming from and what they are buying. They tell you exactly where your dollar is going. The Serengetee bag would be used for more traveling purposes. Hence, their slogans – #WearTheWorld & #TravelMore. Serengetee is cool because a percentage of each purchase is donated to a cause! Learn more about what they stand for on their website!

Interested in purchasing items at Everlane? You should be! Click this link!

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

Last but not least, we have our duffle bag. Also, from Everlane! I use it every time I travel, 30% because it’s cute af, 30% due to the amount of space I have in it, and 40% because of the compliments I receive hehe. Totes *winkwink* kidding.

Honestly though, their bags are of great quality and you can totally tell they care a lot for their products and customers. Do me a favor and check them out!! You won’t regret it.

Do you have any must see mags that I need to check out?! You know I want to see them! Share them with me!

That Son of a Beach

Loving Him is Red

Happy February, Beachesssss!

2017 is already off to a speedy start, and guess what’s right around the corner.. Galentine’s Day! A day for you and all your Gals/Gays. Lol, justkidding.


We’re just short of 2 weeks from the most romantic day of the year, and I bet you don’t even have an outfit planned. That’s okay, me either. BUT – Don’t fear, I’m here!

So as a fashion consultant (i’m not really a consultant), I thought to myself. How can I help these beaches plan an outfit if I don’t know what they’re doing.. SOO I picked what I thought were the Top 3 most popular dates, kinda, maybe. Haha, plz let me know if I’m wrong. I don’t really date.


Ice Skating! Omg, how cute?! So obviously, you want to go with something a bit more on the warmer side. Ooo like a sweater! These dates are casual dressy, so a sweater -optional button down underneath, paired with a nice pair of denim or chinos would be a great idea for this kind of setting!

Perhaps something like this:


Paired with a dark denim (for a dressier/date night look), black denim, or even a khaki colored chino. Don’t forget the button down for dimension! A white or chambray shirt would go great with either 3 of the bottoms.


A red or pink button down will make this outfit festive! Opt for red pants, if you decide to stick with a tee shirt underneath.

Don’t forget your scarf to stay warm!


Are you looking to keep it more casual? Thinking maybe picnic, favorite museum, stroll through the park? Okay, I totally got you.

A henley would be perfect for these types of situations. I would pair with a fitted medium wash denim. If it’s warmer in your neck of the woods, go with a khaki colored shorts! But remember my rule: See here!

You can even choose to wear a polo shirt! Just NO t-shirts.


Your typical fine dining at the fave restaurant. Probably the most popular date idea. Who doesn’t like to eat though, am I right? Ha!

We’re bringing out the dress shirts (and quite possibly a blazer)

We’re keeping it festive with the pinks and reds. The first shirt is pink and white gingham. Keep it simple with black slacks, for a clean look, and complement with a black dress shoe. Cannot go wrong here. Opt for a black tie, if you’re feeling keen. Shirt two and three have navy color blocks in them. I’m not a fan of blavy (navy + black), so I’m going to tell you that’s a no no. I would stick with navy slacks for these shirts or possibly a light or dark gray pant for the second shirt. If you like color, LIKE MEEEE, you’d throw a red blazer on with the second shirt-gray pant combo. Whew, I swoon thinking about it.

A darker shade of red, or burgundy, could be worn over the pink gingham shirt. Add a black tie with this look to tone down the color palette, or go with a white tie to brighten things up. I mean it is Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Now that you have a few ideas for outfit choices, hopefully I have made your day a little easier. OH NO… wait.. you don’t have a gift!? No worries, my frugal friend Jessica can hook you up with something special over on her blog! Go check out her post for gift inspiration!

Happy Feet!

It’s a new year, so it’s time for new feet! .. Well to expand you feet. I mean your socks! Like.. your sock collection. It needs to grow, in quantity.

Also, at what point is it not okay to keep stating it’s a new year? Idk? Is it 10 days in, 2 weeks in, February 1st? LEMME KNO.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

One article of clothing that’s very minor in your everyday wardrobe, but could make a huge difference in your outfit is socks! *Yeah, who would have ever thunk?!

*Side note: I watched Miss Congeniality this past weekend, and one of the scenes is where Sandra Bullock’s character has to transform into a beauty pageant contestant. Well one of requirements to being a stellar pageant queen is to never respond with ‘yeah,’ it’s always ‘yes.’ Lol not sure why I’m sharing this with you.. Maybe it’s due to my excessive use of ‘Yeah,’ or the fact that I secretly want to be Mr. North Carolina? Idk. Lol, proceed reading.

So back to feet talk. 

We’re trying to give your sock drawer a little variety, by adding a little fun. 😉

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

I find it so cool and almost mesmerizing when someone has on a stylish outfit, then you look down at their feet, and it’s like BAM! Now I’m not saying your socks have to be completely wacky, or that they have to match completely. But adding your own touch is never a bad idea.

Hm.. Let me try to explain.

So I was sitting through this seminar for Business Week at my university, (Brace yourself. Another story) and everyone was dressed in their business attire, looking DAPPER AF. There was this one guy in particular that caught my attention, not because he was kinda cute, but because of his attire. He had on a white button down, navy blue dress pants, brown dress shoes, and HOT PINK SOCKS!! It caught me off guard a little, because it went against everything we were told to do in ‘The Business World.’ You were supposed to dress conservatively, and nothing to flashy. Basically, white, gray, black, and navy were your only friends. This guy was super bold.. and I loved it. Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Honestly though, it was from this point on I was intrigued by the fact that you could take something that people consider so small to your everyday attire, add your jazz to it, and totally change your outfit. It another way to add your personality and creativity, or possibly get the attention away from the pimple on your forehead (Lol, me always).

A lot of times I hear people say ‘I don’t want to be too matchy.’ Understandable, I guess? But really don’t be afraid to match your sock game to your shirt game, or to your accessories. Sometimes it helps the outfit flow when your socks are the same color as your shirt, or when the patterns in shirt complement the patterns in your socks. It’s FUN and adds flare. Get creative, and have a good time with it!

If you’re not too sure where to start, check out these cool companies:

Happy Socks & Feat Socks

I’ve owned Happy Socks for a few years now, and I absolutely love them!! Feat Socks – I recently discovered, but definitely looking forward to exposing their brand.

Processed with VSCO with e8 preset

That Son of a Beach

The Year of the Turtle

So I’m about 10 days late but… HAPPY NEW YEAR, BEACHES!! lol..

Hope you all are having a great start to 2017. If not, that’s okay too. Tomorrow is right around the corner and the perfect opportunity to learn from your mistakes and start fresh. Remember that you’re in charge, so make every moment count!

Okay, that was my inspiration for the day. That’ll be $8.50! I take venmo or paypal. No checks please.. Only because I don’t really know how to process those. Actually, I have no idea what those look like..


So yeaaaah, year of the turtle, huh? YOU BETCHA.

Not just any kind of turtle either. The most ferocious, stunning, majestic, cylindrical turtle there is. YOU GUESSED IT.. A turtleneck.

I’ve seen an exponential incline in the adoption of turtlenecks in the men’s fashion world. I love it!! They’re so chic. Maybe Steve Jobs is to take credit for that? Idontknow. YGG.

Now there are different types of turtlenecks, for multiple situations and occasions.


I’m going to touch on 2 of my faves, the first being the tissue turtleneck. TTT. Triple T. hehe.


It’s thinner, hence the name tissue lol.. Probably not the most appropriate this time of year due to the cold weather(depending on where you are in the world), but still could be worn if layered correctly! I love these because they’re a bit versatile.. And you know how much I love versatility. 😉 Well, if you didn’t, you do now. 🙂 I prefer mine to fit more on the snug side, so you can tuck it into your pants/jeans. But to each his own. I find the look to be classy & elegant, which could be considered dressed up or down. #versatility Throw a blazer over it for a more dressier look.

Then we have the turtleneck sweater. Which I feel like is the more popular style among the two. If it’s a thinner style, then you could perhaps tuck it in as well. I would refrain from doing so with the thicker ones. They look great as they are! Here are a few looks I like:


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Now you know a little more about the styles I adore. What are some of yours?! Send your favorite looks to my Instagram: @thatsonofabeach!

That Son of a Beach

Jackets, Coats, & Scarves. OH MY!

Hi, beaches! It’s been awhile. Sowwy..



Sooo here I’ve featured a few coats and jackets I found in my closet, and how I style them! Let’s get to it!


Photo courtesy of @jkwilkins_617

Here, I have the Dock Peacoat from J. Crew in navy. If you’re looking to stay warm until Spring, this coat is the way to go! It hasn’t let me down yet. I love it because of it’s versatility. I can dress it up, or down. I wore it with a tan/beige long sleeve tee, tucked in to show off the belt and give the outfit some jazz. We like jazz. I accessorized with a blanket scarf.

I’m wearing the 484 Stretch Chinos from J. Crew as well. They’re navy too, but if you look closely, they aren’t the same shade as the peacoat. GOOD. My chinos are a more vibrant navy. Usually I’d be opposed to something like this, but the overall color palette of the outfit pleased me, so I kept the look. It’s cute.

My boots are Desert Boots from Clarks that happen to be the same color as my tee. Haha whoops. Like I said I really liked the color scheme, so I opted for these boots. I felt like it tied it all together.

Wondering what to wear for your next brunch outing? Well there you go!


Photo courtesy of @jkwilkins_617

I tried to stick with neutrals for this outfit. You could say I’m 50 shades of grey. winkwink.

I’m wearing a Dark Charcoal Topcoat, also super thick and warm! This coat is a bit longer, which is perfect for someone taller (me) or for anyone who just wants their coats long.

You can’t tell, but I’m wearing my elephant sweatshirt that supports the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  Check them out! Such a cool organization!

I have a dark grey scarf to go along with the neutral theme. Threw in some black denim jeans and brown shoes. And there we have it! I love the brown shoes with this look because it adds a bit of color, without sacrificing the dark tone I was going for.


Photo courtesy of @thejessicapayne

For a far more casual look I have the Field Mechanic Jacket. I like this jacket a lot because it’s not slim, so it can be layered a lot easier and more comfortably. Also, if you need to adjust the waist area to “make it slim,” it has strings built in to tighten it up. Nifty, I know.

It’s a lot thinner than the other coats I mention, which makes it perfect if you’re attempting to travel light.

A particular jacket I don’t own, but would love to have is a Bomber Jacket. Christmas gifts, perhaps?? Get on that, guys..

They’re so cute and stylish and can be easily layered as well. Here are two of my faves: H&M Satin Bomber Jacket & Zara Bomber Jacker.


2017 is right around the corner, so I hope you all have been preparing your New Years Resolution List. One of mine is weekly posts, so you guys are going to have to hold me to that! Leave a comment with a few of your resolutions below! I’d love to see what you guys have planned for the New Year!




That Son Of A Beach






Fall Essentials | Do you bottom?

So if you read last week’s post, then I’d say you’re pretty up to date on my list of fall essentials!

You have some tops picked out, but now you need BOTTOMS!

I recommend starting with the basics, because it’s easier to build outfits off of simplicity. No, it doesn’t make you basic! Honestly, I believe it to be much easier to stay trendy and cute with alternating basics rather than trying to always dress up flashy items.

Basics Entail: neutrals of the chino and jean kind.

Let’s start with DENIMMM. I see a lot of guys wearing the medium wash jeans. Which is totally fine. It’s not a bad look at all! I just personally find it harder to dress that particular wash up and make it look stylish, unless you add some distress to it or cuff the legs.. we’ll save that for another post (it’s sort of outta season). Okay, back on track… Denim, yes! For the Fall, if you’re going to rock the denim, it has to be a dark wash. HANDS DOWN.

I say that for multiple reasons:

  1. It’s a year-round color, whereas a light or medium wash are more Spring/Summer looks.
  2. Your outfit will look more composed and clean. It’s almost like it’s saying: I’m here to take care of business, but i’m fun.
  3. It’s versatile! You can pair it with a blazer for a business causal approach or with just a button down. It’s your canvas, you paint it!

Once you have your dark wash denim jeans, next you can cop a pair of khaki-colored jeans and black jeans! Yes, in that order. It adds versatility to your wardrobe!

So at this point you should have 3 pair of jeans in your cart. Alright, cool!

Ready to add more? I hope so, because we’re not finished!

Okay, you need chinos! You can’t make it through the season without a couple of pair of chinos!

Like the denim we want to start out with the basics. Khaki, navy, & black. Yes, in that order.

Even if those were the only colors you acquired the whole season, you’d be set, because these colors are so flexible! They can paired with almost anything. Neutral is good for the colder time of the year!

You may be asking why purchase the same color in 2 different pants. Well, you never know when you’ll need to switch it up from jean to chino or vice versa!! You have to stay prepared! On the realz, if this is a concern of yours, I would suggest khaki chinos, dark denim, and black jeans as your Power 3. I like that.. Power 3. And there you have it.. Your basics!

Once you’ve build your tops around these three colors, it makes it much easier to branch out and try new, fun, Fall colors like olive, burgundy, & burnt sienna.