Nude Year, Nude Me.

I’ve been thinking about releasing this post for quite some time now… and I finally said F#&$ IT. Obvi, because here you are.. Hi! Soooooooo some of you may know this, others may not, but I’ve been vegetarian for the past 5 years. BONKERS TO THINK ABOUT. The time has truly flown by. In that … More Nude Year, Nude Me.

Red, White, and You

Follow my blog with Bloglovin OMGGGGG! Hahah beaches, vats up!?! It has been a minute. LIKE AN HOUR ACTUALLY. You know.. things happen, and priorities can shift a bit, but I’m trying to stay focused! So here I am. 🙂 I thought what better way to get back into the swing of things, other than … More Red, White, and You

Spring Must Haves

GUYSSSS! It has been SOOO long! So much for my new years resolution of posting once a week. I can’t even commit to once a month lol… I’ll do better!   Sooo, Happy Spring! 🙂 A lot of us were hit some bad weather the past few weeks. If you’re anything like me, you’re feening … More Spring Must Haves

Loving Him is Red

Happy February, Beachesssss! 2017 is already off to a speedy start, and guess what’s right around the corner.. Galentine’s Day! A day for you and all your Gals/Gays. Lol, justkidding. VALENTINE‘S DAY, SILLY!! ❤ We’re just short of 2 weeks from the most romantic day of the year, and I bet you don’t even have … More Loving Him is Red

Happy Feet!

It’s a new year, so it’s time for new feet! .. Well to expand you feet. I mean your socks! Like.. your sock collection. It needs to grow, in quantity. Also, at what point is it not okay to keep stating it’s a new year? Idk? Is it 10 days in, 2 weeks in, February … More Happy Feet!