Nude Year, Nude Me.

I’ve been thinking about releasing this post for quite some time now… and I finally said F#&$ IT. Obvi, because here you are.. Hi!


Soooooooo some of you may know this, others may not, but I’ve been vegetarian for the past 5 years. BONKERS TO THINK ABOUT. The time has truly flown by. In that 5 year span, I’ve learned about myself, other people, the world, and most importantly, the animals!

Lolol no, I’m not transitioning into a food blog! Gah, I’m not even that great of a cook.. Ask my friends! Actually, don’t.

I’ve learned a lot about the impact and the power we have on life and this planet, and it’s actually quite remarkable. It’s empowering to think about the infinite ways we can make a difference and affect this world in a positive way. I mean it’s kind of amazing what can be accomplished. Think about it.. (take a second – ding)


With this being said, I’ve chosen to take my vegetarianism a step further, to go FULL VEGAN. There! I said it… it’s out there. Whew.

BUT I don’t want to limit it to just food. I want it to carry over into my fashion style too! Which means no leather, silk, or wool, just to name a few of the major materials that are obtained from animals. That’s right, not even cashmere!

If you’re wondering, the root of this decision derived from LOVE. Love for me, love for people, love for our planet, love for animals, and really just love for life. So from here forward, I want to only promote and wear animal-free products! ❤




Sonny Beach xx


  1. I’m totally with you in only wanting to support more substaible brands! But they can be SO hard to find and SO hard on the wallet! If you have some suggestions please share because I’m always down for some more shopping! Xx


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