Loving Him is Red

Happy February, Beachesssss!

2017 is already off to a speedy start, and guess what’s right around the corner.. Galentine’s Day! A day for you and all your Gals/Gays. Lol, justkidding.


We’re just short of 2 weeks from the most romantic day of the year, and I bet you don’t even have an outfit planned. That’s okay, me either. BUT – Don’t fear, I’m here!

So as a fashion consultant (i’m not really a consultant), I thought to myself. How can I help these beaches plan an outfit if I don’t know what they’re doing.. SOO I picked what I thought were the Top 3 most popular dates, kinda, maybe. Haha, plz let me know if I’m wrong. I don’t really date.


Ice Skating! Omg, how cute?! So obviously, you want to go with something a bit more on the warmer side. Ooo like a sweater! These dates are casual dressy, so a sweater -optional button down underneath, paired with a nice pair of denim or chinos would be a great idea for this kind of setting!

Perhaps something like this:


Paired with a dark denim (for a dressier/date night look), black denim, or even a khaki colored chino. Don’t forget the button down for dimension! A white or chambray shirt would go great with either 3 of the bottoms.


A red or pink button down will make this outfit festive! Opt for red pants, if you decide to stick with a tee shirt underneath.

Don’t forget your scarf to stay warm!


Are you looking to keep it more casual? Thinking maybe picnic, favorite museum, stroll through the park? Okay, I totally got you.

A henley would be perfect for these types of situations. I would pair with a fitted medium wash denim. If it’s warmer in your neck of the woods, go with a khaki colored shorts! But remember my rule: See here!

You can even choose to wear a polo shirt! Just NO t-shirts.


Your typical fine dining at the fave restaurant. Probably the most popular date idea. Who doesn’t like to eat though, am I right? Ha!

We’re bringing out the dress shirts (and quite possibly a blazer)

We’re keeping it festive with the pinks and reds. The first shirt is pink and white gingham. Keep it simple with black slacks, for a clean look, and complement with a black dress shoe. Cannot go wrong here. Opt for a black tie, if you’re feeling keen. Shirt two and three have navy color blocks in them. I’m not a fan of blavy (navy + black), so I’m going to tell you that’s a no no. I would stick with navy slacks for these shirts or possibly a light or dark gray pant for the second shirt. If you like color, LIKE MEEEE, you’d throw a red blazer on with the second shirt-gray pant combo. Whew, I swoon thinking about it.

A darker shade of red, or burgundy, could be worn over the pink gingham shirt. Add a black tie with this look to tone down the color palette, or go with a white tie to brighten things up. I mean it is Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Now that you have a few ideas for outfit choices, hopefully I have made your day a little easier. OH NO… wait.. you don’t have a gift!? No worries, my frugal friend Jessica can hook you up with something special over on her blog! Go check out her post for gift inspiration!

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