Happy Feet!

It’s a new year, so it’s time for new feet! .. Well to expand you feet. I mean your socks! Like.. your sock collection. It needs to grow, in quantity.

Also, at what point is it not okay to keep stating it’s a new year? Idk? Is it 10 days in, 2 weeks in, February 1st? LEMME KNO.

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One article of clothing that’s very minor in your everyday wardrobe, but could make a huge difference in your outfit is socks! *Yeah, who would have ever thunk?!

*Side note: I watched Miss Congeniality this past weekend, and one of the scenes is where Sandra Bullock’s character has to transform into a beauty pageant contestant. Well one of requirements to being a stellar pageant queen is to never respond with ‘yeah,’ it’s always ‘yes.’ Lol not sure why I’m sharing this with you.. Maybe it’s due to my excessive use of ‘Yeah,’ or the fact that I secretly want to be Mr. North Carolina? Idk. Lol, proceed reading.

So back to feet talk. 

We’re trying to give your sock drawer a little variety, by adding a little fun. 😉

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I find it so cool and almost mesmerizing when someone has on a stylish outfit, then you look down at their feet, and it’s like BAM! Now I’m not saying your socks have to be completely wacky, or that they have to match completely. But adding your own touch is never a bad idea.

Hm.. Let me try to explain.

So I was sitting through this seminar for Business Week at my university, (Brace yourself. Another story) and everyone was dressed in their business attire, looking DAPPER AF. There was this one guy in particular that caught my attention, not because he was kinda cute, but because of his attire. He had on a white button down, navy blue dress pants, brown dress shoes, and HOT PINK SOCKS!! It caught me off guard a little, because it went against everything we were told to do in ‘The Business World.’ You were supposed to dress conservatively, and nothing to flashy. Basically, white, gray, black, and navy were your only friends. This guy was super bold.. and I loved it. Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Honestly though, it was from this point on I was intrigued by the fact that you could take something that people consider so small to your everyday attire, add your jazz to it, and totally change your outfit. It another way to add your personality and creativity, or possibly get the attention away from the pimple on your forehead (Lol, me always).

A lot of times I hear people say ‘I don’t want to be too matchy.’ Understandable, I guess? But really don’t be afraid to match your sock game to your shirt game, or to your accessories. Sometimes it helps the outfit flow when your socks are the same color as your shirt, or when the patterns in shirt complement the patterns in your socks. It’s FUN and adds flare. Get creative, and have a good time with it!

If you’re not too sure where to start, check out these cool companies:

Happy Socks & Feat Socks

I’ve owned Happy Socks for a few years now, and I absolutely love them!! Feat Socks – I recently discovered, but definitely looking forward to exposing their brand.

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That Son of a Beach

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