Jackets, Coats, & Scarves. OH MY!

Hi, beaches! It’s been awhile. Sowwy..



Sooo here I’ve featured a few coats and jackets I found in my closet, and how I style them! Let’s get to it!


Photo courtesy of @jkwilkins_617

Here, I have the Dock Peacoat from J. Crew in navy. If you’re looking to stay warm until Spring, this coat is the way to go! It hasn’t let me down yet. I love it because of it’s versatility. I can dress it up, or down. I wore it with a tan/beige long sleeve tee, tucked in to show off the belt and give the outfit some jazz. We like jazz. I accessorized with a blanket scarf.

I’m wearing the 484 Stretch Chinos from J. Crew as well. They’re navy too, but if you look closely, they aren’t the same shade as the peacoat. GOOD. My chinos are a more vibrant navy. Usually I’d be opposed to something like this, but the overall color palette of the outfit pleased me, so I kept the look. It’s cute.

My boots are Desert Boots from Clarks that happen to be the same color as my tee. Haha whoops. Like I said I really liked the color scheme, so I opted for these boots. I felt like it tied it all together.

Wondering what to wear for your next brunch outing? Well there you go!


Photo courtesy of @jkwilkins_617

I tried to stick with neutrals for this outfit. You could say I’m 50 shades of grey. winkwink.

I’m wearing a Dark Charcoal Topcoat, also super thick and warm! This coat is a bit longer, which is perfect for someone taller (me) or for anyone who just wants their coats long.

You can’t tell, but I’m wearing my elephant sweatshirt that supports the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  Check them out! Such a cool organization!

I have a dark grey scarf to go along with the neutral theme. Threw in some black denim jeans and brown shoes. And there we have it! I love the brown shoes with this look because it adds a bit of color, without sacrificing the dark tone I was going for.


Photo courtesy of @thejessicapayne

For a far more casual look I have the Field Mechanic Jacket. I like this jacket a lot because it’s not slim, so it can be layered a lot easier and more comfortably. Also, if you need to adjust the waist area to “make it slim,” it has strings built in to tighten it up. Nifty, I know.

It’s a lot thinner than the other coats I mention, which makes it perfect if you’re attempting to travel light.

A particular jacket I don’t own, but would love to have is a Bomber Jacket. Christmas gifts, perhaps?? Get on that, guys..

They’re so cute and stylish and can be easily layered as well. Here are two of my faves: H&M Satin Bomber Jacket & Zara Bomber Jacker.


2017 is right around the corner, so I hope you all have been preparing your New Years Resolution List. One of mine is weekly posts, so you guys are going to have to hold me to that! Leave a comment with a few of your resolutions below! I’d love to see what you guys have planned for the New Year!




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