Fall Essentials | Do you bottom?

So if you read last week’s post, then I’d say you’re pretty up to date on my list of fall essentials!

You have some tops picked out, but now you need BOTTOMS!

I recommend starting with the basics, because it’s easier to build outfits off of simplicity. No, it doesn’t make you basic! Honestly, I believe it to be much easier to stay trendy and cute with alternating basics rather than trying to always dress up flashy items.

Basics Entail: neutrals of the chino and jean kind.

Let’s start with DENIMMM. I see a lot of guys wearing the medium wash jeans. Which is totally fine. It’s not a bad look at all! I just personally find it harder to dress that particular wash up and make it look stylish, unless you add some distress to it or cuff the legs.. we’ll save that for another post (it’s sort of outta season). Okay, back on track… Denim, yes! For the Fall, if you’re going to rock the denim, it has to be a dark wash. HANDS DOWN.

I say that for multiple reasons:

  1. It’s a year-round color, whereas a light or medium wash are more Spring/Summer looks.
  2. Your outfit will look more composed and clean. It’s almost like it’s saying: I’m here to take care of business, but i’m fun.
  3. It’s versatile! You can pair it with a blazer for a business causal approach or with just a button down. It’s your canvas, you paint it!

Once you have your dark wash denim jeans, next you can cop a pair of khaki-colored jeans and black jeans! Yes, in that order. It adds versatility to your wardrobe!

So at this point you should have 3 pair of jeans in your cart. Alright, cool!

Ready to add more? I hope so, because we’re not finished!

Okay, you need chinos! You can’t make it through the season without a couple of pair of chinos!

Like the denim we want to start out with the basics. Khaki, navy, & black. Yes, in that order.

Even if those were the only colors you acquired the whole season, you’d be set, because these colors are so flexible! They can paired with almost anything. Neutral is good for the colder time of the year!

You may be asking why purchase the same color in 2 different pants. Well, you never know when you’ll need to switch it up from jean to chino or vice versa!! You have to stay prepared! On the realz, if this is a concern of yours, I would suggest khaki chinos, dark denim, and black jeans as your Power 3. I like that.. Power 3. And there you have it.. Your basics!

Once you’ve build your tops around these three colors, it makes it much easier to branch out and try new, fun, Fall colors like olive, burgundy, & burnt sienna.

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